Healthy Pets Salt Lake City


A natural alternative for pet foods and supplies located in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City.


Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson is the owner of Healthy Pets, Salt Lake City located in heart of the Sugar House neighborhood.  Shawn left a corporate job to fulfill a dream that focused on his love of animals,  pet nutrition and education.  Having owned more than 10 dogs and 5 cats (including adopted Giant Schnauzer, Olive, who loves to greet our customers), Shawn brings more than 25 years of experience to Healthy Pets Salt Lake City. A Utah native, Shawn is passionate about helping others navigate the sometimes confusing world of pet food, care and health and making the best American and locally made products available. 


Bardee Mills

Bardee Mills is our fabulous pet groomer or pet stylist at Healthy Pets SLC. She has been grooming dogs and cats since childhood when she would take her mother's scissors and give even her shorthair pets and stuffed animals haircuts! She learned to groom professionally in her early twenties when she interned with two all-breed dog show handlers. She loves to create a look that accents the dog's best appearance combined with following the instructions of the pet parent to meet their satisfaction and also the breed standard. Bardee loves all forms of life, especially animal life, music, family and happiness. This is one of the best jobs in the world and she is always happy to share her grooming knowledge. Know that she will do her best to make your fur baby comfortable when he/she is in her care and ensure it has the best possible care and a pleasant experience during its stay.